Sunday, December 16, 2012

Crowdtap: Old Navy sample and Spree!

Have you ever heard of Crowdtap? If not, you need to head on over there! Crowdtap is a fun website to tap into, to have opportunities to review items, earn points, all while donating to a great cause, of your choice.

Crowdtap allowed me and a friend of my choice to head to Old Navy and have our very own shopping spree! We were each given a coupon for a completely FREE sweater of our choice, any value!!

I have to admit, I was a little worred that I would have a hard time finding a sweater that I liked, especially because I am 5 months pregnant, and finding something that looks flattering at this point is a little difficult!

When we got there, I was so overwhelmed! Not only were there tons of cute choices, but different designs, colors, and styles! Animal print, solids, v-neck sweaters, polka dots, and color blocks, the choices were amazing! It was so hard to choose! In fact, I ended up buying more than just my one free sweater, because I fell in love with so many of them. This also says something for Old Navy Sweaters, that they can even make a 5 month preggo look good ( sort of!)

I ended up buying this navy blue and white polka dot sweater with my FREE sweater coupon from Crowdtap. I LOVE how it fits, and actually I plan on wearing it with my mustard yellow jeans for our family pictures coming up in a few weeks.

Thank you to both Crowdtap and Old Navy for this opportunity! I hope I get chosen again sometime soon!

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